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Morning Light on Phantom Ship, H9061
The morning light breaks over the rim of Crater Lake just enough to illuminate Phantom Ship. This rocky island, resembling a ghostly ship, is actually a remnant of an ancient volcanic cone that was engulfed in the growing Mount Mazama.  After Mount Mazama’s massive eruption and collapse, forming Crater Lake, the spires of the old cone remained as an island.  It displays the oldest rock in the Crater Lake basin, over 400,000 years old.<br />
The Phantom Ship Overlook, along the East Rim Drive, provides one of the best views of the formation.  Being there at sunrise makes it even better due to absence of people and automobiles allowing only the sounds of nature to be heard. <br />
The size of the formation is deceptive, standing 170’ high, 500’ in length, and 200’ wide.<br />
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Toyo 45A, 210mm, Velia 100, 1/8s @f16, wet-mount scan, finished PS, master file 814MB