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Lower Calf Creek Falls, E2103
"Lower Calf Creek Falls"<br />
Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument, Utah<br />
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	Visitors to the area may not see the secretive beauties.  Initial sights of river birch, cottonwood, willow, and towering sandstone walls tempt the inquisitive into the canyons.  A three-mile hike along Calf Creek allows the eye to capture the richness of the golden red hues of the canyon walls. The dark streaks of evaporated manganese add another dimension of the continual forces of nature on the canyon walls.  Further along the trail, views of pictographs made by the ancestral Puebloan people, the early cliff dwellers, remind the hikers of this ancient homeland.  Testimonies of the untouched purity are seen by the abundant trout and beaver dams found in the creek. Around a bend, visitors pause to listen to the breezes funneling through the trees and are beckoned by the cascading music of the unseen falls.  The canyon narrows and offers the secret of an oasis.  The fine mist and breeze cleanses the body and mind as man and nature interact by the clear green waters of the pool.  The 126 foot high lower falls of Calf Creek provide a refreshing haven and lure the hikers to find a respite.  Lower Calf Creek Falls is the life force in this section of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah.   <br />
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