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The Iconic Multnomah Falls, H9165
Multnomah Falls is the most visited and iconic site in the Pacific Northwest, with over 2 million visits annually.  One look at this place, and you’ll understand.<br />
The falls, totaling 620’, occurs in two stages.  It was named after the Multnomah tribe and the falls were also noted in the journals of the Lewis and Clark expedition in 1805.<br />
Arriving in the morning to beat the crowds and set up the large format camera, I got mesmerized, like everyone does, by the sights and sounds of the scene.  We took the 5-hike up to the top of the falls and then circled around to see several others, before returning to the Multnomah Falls Lodge for a well-deserved and delicious lunch at the end of the trail. <br />
<br />
Tech. info:  Toya 45A, 90mm, Velia 100, 1s @f22, wet-mount scanned, PS post processing, master file 1 GB