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Nevada Falls, C0730
"Nevada Falls"<br />
Yosemite National Park, California<br />
<br />
	A half-day hike through the eastern end of the Yosemite Valley allows visitors to follow the Merced River and experience the Mist Trail from Vernal Falls. The falls plunge over 300 feet and dampen hikers as the mist spreads across the slippery rock steps.  The trail continues to the top of the Nevada Falls. Its thundering water entices the hikers to descend the steep trail to the bottom.  One is rewarded with the spectacular view of the flowing water as it plummets over a sheer rock face.  Mist nourishes the plants and refreshes the hikers as droplets of water catch the sunrays, creating a prism of colors for a rainbow.  Striations of minerals paint the adjacent granite wall. The Merced River continues its churning course through the Yosemite Valley.