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Adams Mill Apple Press, F8816.tif
“Adams Mill Apple Press”<br />
Adams Mill <br />
Cutler, Indiana <br />
2013<br />
<br />
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	The early colonists requested apple seeds to plant in New England. Apple cider became to preferred beverage, and soon the western expanses had orchards.  Many can thank Johnny “Appleseed” Chapman for beginning the first nurseries in the Great Lakes region.  Early homesteads usually had a small apple orchard.  Visitors to Adams Mill, located on the Wildcat Creek in Carroll County, Indiana, are encouraged to browse among the antiques.  A vintage apple cider press rests on the second floor of the mill.  Some people may remember gathering apples, washing them, and placing them in the hopper. A large manual screw press was needed to express the juice from the pulp.  The freshly pressed liquid is captured in a slatted basket. Autumn is a perfect time to enjoy apple cider, the fruits of our labor. <br />
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4 x 5 Large Format Film