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Fallen Roof Ruin, H7042
Many fine hikes can be found on Cedar Mesa near the town of Mexican Hat, Utah.  One that many people have enjoyed is the short hike into Road Canyon to explore the Fallen Roof Ruin.  The ancient Puebloan people built this and other interesting dwellings over a thousand years ago.  Still, when you carefully look in the openings, you can spot small corn cobs that have persevered all this time.  Other ruins and granaries can be found just around the corner.  <br />
Reflected light coming off the roof creates interesting patterns.  If you observe closely in the dark area of the roof, just above the left opening, you can spot pictograph handprints that the occupants left behind.  Reminds me of how we often do a similar action in fresh concrete.   <br />
Currently, this and many other important sites are now unprotected due to the reduction of the Bears Ears National Monument.  Let’s how that issue will be resolved.<br />
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Technical info: Toyo 45A, 150mm, FP4, 5s@f45, dev. HC125, wet-mount scan Epson V750, finished PS.