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Looking Glass Falls, G3315
“Looking Glass Falls”<br />
Pisgah National Forest <br />
Brevard, North Carolina<br />
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Looking Glass Falls is a popular roadside stop.  The falls can be viewed from an overlook or from the base along the Looking Glass Creek.  The water cascades in a free fall of about 60 feet.  The falls are named for Looking Glass Rock, a monolith that towers 1500 feet above the creek.  When frozen, the rock face reflects the sunlight and resembles a giant mirror.<br />
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The difficulty I had was from the mist of the falls obscuring the lenses of my camera, focusing loupe, and glasses while I was under the hood.<br />
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My intention for the image is to have the eye initially funneled by the dark sidewalls to the bright falling water. Then the eye explores the fine textures of the front wall and finally follows the stream down to the rocks in the foreground.<br />
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4 x 5 Large Format Film