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Cataract Ice, E0916
" Cataract Ice"<br />
Cataract Falls, Owen County<br />
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Near the village of Cataract is one of Indiana's hidden beauties.  Cataract Falls are   located in Lieber State Recreational Area.  Mill Creek meanders slowly through Owen County before making its descent over the cascades and two falls.  The waters flow over the preglacial limestone bedrock creating curved ridges.  The cascade tumbles over the rock steps resembling a grand staircase.  The bubbling creek forms a veil of white as it falls onto the next level of rocks.  The falls provide a totally different view during the winter.  At this time of year, great ice formations with their delicate abstract textures form creating a scene that is perfect for a black and white image.<br />
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4 x 5 Large Format Film