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Fern & Snow<br />
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Needing to get outside on cold winter day, I took a hike along Trail 1 in Shades State Park, near Waveland, Indiana.  Walking carefully in the light snow along the ravine, water could be seen and heard flowing down toward Sugar Creek.  Small, interesting waterfalls and cascades were potential compositions.  But it was this small fern, with a dusting of interesting snow patterns that caught my attention.  The lightly cloudy day created the appropriate diffused lighting for this subject.  The fern seemed to be stubbornly hanging on to life as long as possible on this January morning.<br />
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Tech. Info.<br />
Toyo 45A, 150mm, f22@ 1s altered to 3s due to 8” bellows extension, FP4, dev. HC-110b, wet-mount scan Epson V750, finished in PS.