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Morning Mist at Haystack Rock, H8424
Haystack Rock, at Cannon Beach, is an iconic volcanic rock formation and has been photographed hundreds of times.  But this should not stop someone from having fun and trying for their own capture.<br />
Early morning is a great time to visit, due to the lower tide and fewer people.  You still need to be alert to a surprise wave coming up around your feet and gear, like I found out while my head was under the hood. <br />
I wanted to create a surreal scene by using my dark 10 stop neutral density filter and a long exposure of nearly 3 minutes.<br />
<br />
Tech. info:  Toyo 45A, 90mm, FP4, “Big Stopper”, 2:53s @f16, HC110 dev., wet-mount scanned, minor contrast adjustments in PS.