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"Forest Floor I & II"<br />
Glen Arbor, Michigan<br />
2003<br />
	<br />
	A soft, steady rain fell during the last days of October in Glen Arbor, Michigan.  The rain cleansed the air and caused remaining leaves to flutter downward. A trailhead enticed the hikers to venture into a small wooded area.  Vibrant colors speckled the forest floor.  The wood was silent.  No crispy leaves or snapping limbs.  A cushy blanket of color and texture covered the inviting wood.  Birds flew through the naked limbs and squirrels scampered toward secret havens with their treasures.  The skies were gray, the trees were barren, but the forest floor held the remains of a vibrant autumn.  Scattered upon the ground were yellow and red maple leaves, lingering green and yellow beech leaves, and a brown oak leaves.  A solitary acorn lay nestled upon a bed of color.  Against this moist backdrop emerged a mushroom.  A striking contrast of white lay against the autumn palette.  Nature's beauty can be appreciated by those who tread slowly through the wood.