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Somewhere in Time

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The Opera House, E7007
" The Opera House"<br />
Delphi, IN<br />
2009<br />
	<br />
	The  Lathrope & Ruffing Delphi Opera House made its debut in 1882 to a crowd of nearly 500 people.  Singers, musicians, poets, and actors plied their wares on the wooden stage on the third floor of the Assion-Ruffing building.  Signatures of departed entertainers can still be viewed on the backstage walls. Gone, but not forgotten.  These are the sentiments of today's Delphi Preservation Society.   The vision to recapture the joys of an earlier time has become the focus of the society.  Sit  in the hard wooden seats and venture back to a time of leg-o'-mutton dresses and waistcoats, corsets and hard collars, and horse-drawn buggies.<br />
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4 x 5 Large Format Film