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A Walk in the Woods

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Foggy Morning at Crow's Grove, H5352
Crow’s Grove, found in rural Warren County, is one of 47 properties under the care of NICHES Land Trust.  This 34-acre preserve is a beautiful place to explore with a lush woodland containing a large variety of vegetation on the high ground, and an easily accessible canyon carved into the sandstone by a meandering stream.  The canyon walls, which can reach 25 – 30 feet, have interesting textures and pockets where ferns and mosses have established themselves. <br />
The fog that formed this early morning, helped create the scene that I was hoping for.  All the sounds from the creek, birds, and insects seemed to be somewhat muted, until the startling sound of a nearby Barred Owl totally distracted my attention.  A distraction like that brings a smile your face.  The larger boulder in the stream creates a good focal point, with the dead tree leading your eye back to the wall.<br />
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Sounds of a Barred Owl<br />